How I Teach

Students start off being able to play a tune right from day one, and progress from there to learning tunes from a variety of styles including old-time fiddle, bluegrass, Celtic, jazz, and classical. The O’Connor Method provides a great selection of repertoire, and students are encouraged to figure out their favorite songs on their own by ear.

I emphasize learning how to hear and “think music” the way we “think language.” Once a student has a good grasp on what different rhythm, chord, and melody patterns are supposed to sound like, I introduce reading using the innovative, research-based Music Learning Theory approach.

Group classes are a big part of my program because the experience of playing with others and being part of a greater community is highly motivating. In addition to the small group classes, there will be opportunities to learn and play at fiddle festivals, jams, and music camps across Southern California.

Public performance is never a requirement, but there will be ample opportunities to perform at local community events, fiddle contests, and more.

Listening to recordings and attending live performances is highly encouraged, and there will be field trips to concerts and festivals throughout the year, as well as a weekly online listening list.